Days at the Capitol & Site Visits

Network advocates visit with lawmakers to educate them on the issues impacting their patients and practices.
December 8, 2023

OHC Advocacy Day at the State Capitol

OHC Hearing

On December 6, 2023, The US Oncology Network Government Relations team joined practice leadership at OHC, Inc. at the Ohio State Capitol to meet with legislators to discuss critical issues impacting patient access to timely care.

Participants included Dr. Randy Drosick, Dr. Suzanne Partridge, Dr. Patrick Ward, Dr. Ameet Patel, and Caleb Burdette PharmD, who gathered to champion our cause with a focus on HB 156, a bill prohibiting PBMs and insurers from requiring white-bagging mandates.

The day was divided into two essential advocacy components:

House Insurance Committee Hearing on HB 156 (White Bagging Bill):

Dr. Randy Drosick played a pivotal role as the star witness on the proponent panel, standing alongside HB 156 sponsor Representative Gayle Manning (R). Following his testimony, Dr. Drosick engaged with the full committee, addressing any questions that arose. This crucial hearing laid the groundwork for informed discussions on healthcare policies.

To watch Dr. Drosick’s testimony, click: Ohio House Insurance Committee – 12-6-2023 | Ohio House of Representatives (starts at 17:00 mark)

Afternoon Advocacy Meetings:

As a debrief of the compelling House Insurance Committee Hearing, our group had a legislative luncheon with Representative Manning and her staff. After the luncheon, the group was recognized on the Senate floor as leading oncologists from the Cincinnati area by their local state senator, Senator Blessing. Additionally, OHC held policy meetings with the offices of senior state legislators holding key positions on health and insurance policy committees in both Chambers including but not limited to:

  1. Representative Scott Oelslager (R) – Deputy Speaker of the House; HB 156 Co-Sponsor
  2. Senator Steve Huffman (R) – Senate Health Committee Chair
  3. Senator Bob Hackett (R) – Senate Insurance Committee Chair
  4. Senator Louis W. Blessing II (R) – OHC West, Kenwood, Blue Ash Locations
  5. Representative Jessica Miranda (D) – Ranking Member House Insurance Committee, House Minority Whip, Blue Ash & Kenwood Locations
  6. Representative Tim Barhorst (R) – Vice-Chair House Insurance Committee
  7. Representative Anita Somani (D) – Member House Insurance Committee, Ranking Member House Health Provider Services Committee (Physician- OBGYN)
  8. Representative Dontavius Jarrells (D) – Member House Insurance Committee
  9. Representative Scott Lipps (R) – Chair House Public Health Policy Committee
  10. Representative Beth Liston (D) – Ranking Member House Public Health Policy Committee
  11. Representative Jennifer Gross (R) – Vice Chair House Health Provider Services Committee

Our OHC Advocacy Day at the State Capitol was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and collaborative efforts of our distinguished physician and leadership from OHC, Inc. and the legislative leaders who participated. We remain committed to fostering positive changes in healthcare policy and look forward to continued advocacy for the well-being of our patients. View OHC, Inc. practice priority one-pager here: