Days at the Capitol & Site Visits

Network advocates visit with lawmakers to educate them on the issues impacting their patients and practices.
March 4, 2024

Texas Oncology hosts Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton (R-TX)


Texas Oncology recently welcomed Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton (R-TX) for a site visit at The Woodlands location near Houston on February 28th. Accompanied by a team including Dr. Christine Lee, Dr. Paula Ryan, Dr. Kruti Nair, Dr. Andrew Jackson, and Dr. Diana Hook along with Practice Director Ali Holamon, Executive Director Kristy Penza, Regional Senior Vice President Anne Hoang, and General Counsel Kate Bowen, Senator Creighton explored the range of services available in The Woodlands area.

During the visit, Senator Creighton gained insights into the delivery of community oncology care within his district, distinguishing between hospital and community settings while recognizing the advantages of receiving care at Texas Oncology. Discussions also delved into the challenges posed by PBMs and payers and Texas Oncology’s efforts in advancing value-based care.

As Chair of Education, Senator Creighton holds a pivotal role, and both Texas Oncology and The Network eagerly anticipate collaborating with him and his team on matters affecting community oncology.