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April 12, 2024

Dr. Moshe Chasky and Alliance Cancer Specialists Featured on Healthcare Strategies Podcast

Dr. Moshe Chasky, hematologist-oncologist at Alliance Cancer Specialists, recently appeared as a guest on the Healthcare Strategies podcast to discuss his practice’s experience with healthcare consolidation and emphasize how independent physicians provide value to their communities. 

Dr. Chasky described how, after his own practice refused an acquisition attempt by a large health system, the system revoked their inpatient privileges – limiting Dr. Chasky and his colleagues’ ability to provide continuous care for their patients in the hospital. He went on to describe how healthcare policy, including the 340B Drug Discount Program and site-of-service payment disparities, have emboldened health systems to engage in anti-competitive practices like referral restraints. 

Despite these challenges, Dr. Chasky emphasized that independence has allowed his practice to keep the quality of care high for patients. “We wanted to remain independent,” Chasky states. “We felt that when we had skin in the game, meaning it was our practice and we were working for ourselves and really working for the community, we could deliver a higher level of care and we could deliver care that went above and beyond. Also, it’s actually a better value [in terms of] cost of care; we don’t have facility fees, so the cost of care is much less in independent practices.”

Physicians must advocate for themselves and continue to show their value to patients, Dr. Chasky stressed. “Continue to focus on the patient, and if you do that and you take your care to the next level, I think that independent practices will continue to survive,” Chasky says. 

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.

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